The Art of Selling Art (2nd Ed.) 


The revised and enlarged edition of The Art Of Selling Art teaches you • the Key Strategies of Selling Fine Art • How to Read and Effectively Deal with Client Personality Types • Specific Selling Strategies • and the Language of Fine Art Retailing.


The author is a Fine Art Business Development Consultant. She teaches sales techniques to gallery personnel in both public and private seminars. Her methods have enabled them to achieve sales increases of 30% to 200% within 6 to 24 months. The substance of her $595 seminar is contained in this book.  This book has become required reading in many galleries around the world.  Over 45,000 books are in print; the best selling book of its genre for over fifteen years.  

When we started working together, I had over twenty years of experience selling fine art and already grossed seven figure art sales revenues per year.  But in just one year of working with you, I doubled my sales! This just goes to show - that you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Mark Smith, Co-Owner, Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art


Every single art consultant at least doubled their sales... and one quintupled!


Michael Azevedo, Former General Manager , Lahaina Galleries

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The Art of Creating Collectors

The Art of Creating Collectors assists gallery owners, art consultants, and artists who sell their own artwork with creating repeat buyers for a lifetime of business. It provides tried and proved strategies that compliment the tactics recommended in its the best selling companion book, The Art of Selling Art.