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HIGHLIGHTS ~ Consulting & Corporate Experience


​Internationally recognized expert in niche specialties ~ Fine Art  and New Tech Ventures.  As a business Development Consultant devised and implemented marketing, sales, and business growth strategies throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.                                       1983 – Present

Past Clients - Fine Art

  • Greenhouse Fine Art Gallery - San Antonio, TX

  • Purcell Gallery of Fine Art - Tubac, AZ

  • GalleryRow - Reno, NV

  • Lahaina Galleries - Lahaina, HI

  • Merrill Chase Galleries - Chicago, IL

  • Sopel Studios, Inc. - Vancouver, BC Canada

  • Art Expressions - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • Simic Galleries - Carmel, CA

  • Gallery Revel - Soho, NYC, NY


Corporate & New Tech

  • National Science Foundation Researcher

  • Dow Chemical Commercialization Engineer

  • IBM Systems Operations Manager

  • Hawaiian Electric Industries

  • Lansing's Board of Water and Light

  • NAAMREI - North American Advanced Manufacturing Research Initiative, New Tech Economic Developer

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