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Three decades of Training and Consultations around the world have inspired my six books and over one hundred published articles! Many of my clients have told me that I have the heart of a teacher; and so it goes that I feel compelled to capsulize the knowledge gained from the field into these "how to" books.  My books are tools that can lift you to peak performance as a creative professional.


Gallery Owners  ~  Entrepreneurial Artists  ~  Art Consultants

Inventive Engineers  ~  New Technology Developers  

The Art of Selling Art (2nd Edition)


The revised and enlarged edition of The Art Of Selling Art teaches you • the Key Strategies of Selling Fine Art • How to Read and Effectively Deal with Client Personality Types • Specific Selling Strategies • and the Language of Fine Art Retailing.


The author is a Fine Art Business Development Consultant. She teaches sales techniques to gallery personnel in both public and private seminars. Her methods have enabled them to achieve sales increases of 30% to 200% within 6 to 24 months. The substance of her $595 seminar is contained in this book.  This book has become required reading in many galleries around the world.  Over 45,000 books are in print; the best selling book of its genre for over fifteen years. 


The Art of Creating Collectors


This book provides tried and proven stratetigies for gallery owners, art consultants, and artists who sell their own artwork to develop collectors for a lifetime of repeat business.  Strategies include effective 1) artist branding, 2) client dossiers, 3) periodic promotions, and 4) multiple personalized contacts by phone and mail with your buyers.  Learn the art of relationship marketing and selling.  Together these strategies set the stage for repeat business, higher sales volume, and more satisfied  buyers.  Devise your own Collector Development Program using these strategies and develop strong relationships with your buyers and create loyal collectors. Included in this book are templates for client dossiers, examples of successful promotions, and anectodal stories of art sales professionals who have successfully tried the strategies in this book.


"I sold over $80,000 with my first mail/phone campaign following the strategies in this book and its companion volume, The Art of Selling Art.".  ~ Colette Gauthier, Marketing Manager Sopel Studios

The Art of Being an Entrepreneurial Woman

ISBN 0-9659560-0-8

This book is a guide for women who wish to enterprise while devoting ample time to their significant others, families, hobbies, and communities.  The author describes how and why entrepreneurial woman have more flexibility, time, and control over their lives.  She also explains how entrepreneurial women tend to have the opportunity to accumulate more wealth compared to their corporate counterparts.  Most importantly, studies have shown that regardless of the actual wealth accumulated, entrepreneurial women are happier, feel more balanced and fulfilled with their family life than their corporate counterparts.


As an experienced entrepreneur who has raised three children - including a set of twins - the author gives advice, counsel, and encouragement to those thinking about starting their own business.  A complete sample business plan, wealth accumulation strategies, sample letters of introduction, networking advice, and more - make this a valuable volume.  The book is written in a highly accessible manner so that anyone who has the desire to start a business may quickly and readily learn key basics.




New Technology Venture Balanced Scorecard



Department managers launching technologically advanced products may use a tried and proven performance measurement system to ensure superior product quality.  This research determined the specific key performance indicators (KPI's) that drive product quality.  These KPI's were used to devise a highly usable balanced scorecard (BSC).  The BSC uses color coded gauges, tables, and charts so a department manager may quickly assess the manufacturing process and make effective management decisions to improve product quality.


This BSC may be adapted for use in a variety of new tech venture (NTV) environments.  NTV department managers using this innovative BSC can more effectively manage the first generation manufacturing process of an early to market newly released new technology.


The research summarized in this book was funded by a National Science Foundation grant, took over three years and secured valuable input from over 250 experienced NTV managers.  This is a scholarly work intended for practicing engineering managers, as well as, researchers in industry and academia.

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