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Consulting Services


Artists  ~ Gallery Directors ~ Gallery Owners

Inventive Engineers  ~ New Technology Developers 

On-Site Training
   Fine Art

  Fine Art


The Art of Sellng Art

The Nine Key Steps of Selling Fine Art


The Art of Creating Collectors for a Lifetime of Repeat Business


Managing Growth and Change


Gallery Management Essentials


How to Effectively Brand Your Artists


New Tech New Art ~ How Technology is Changing Reproductions


Using Technology in Your Art Buiness to Increase Sales


Designing Dynamic Promoions & Six-Figure Shows


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On-Site Training
 New Tech

 New Tech


The Art of the Inventive Process


The Science of Innovation


The Development of KPI's for Your Process & Personnel


Implement Your New Tech Balanced Scorecard Using QuickScore


The Leadership and Management of Innovative Firms


The Art of Marketing and Selling Tech-based Products


The Art of Negotiating the Deal with Your Investors


Total Quality Control & Six Sigma using Minitab


Using CMMi to Improve Product Quality

in 1st Generation Manufacturing Processes




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Action Plan Development

We Turn Your Plan Into ACTION


An Action Plan is developed with your firm's owners and managers.  A retreat with the owners/managers is often the kick-off point that jointly establishes ambitious targets along side prudent reality checks.


A detailed Action Plan is then devised.  Our team uses expert facilitation to ensure rewarding results on schedule, within budget, while improving overall morale.


Innovative staff training methods, inspiring facilitation methods, creative marketing strategies, dynamic promotions, effective sales tactics, superior staff development methods, creative PR story-line development are among the many methods used to achieve ambitious targets. Results have proven sustainable for decades.


  All of our programs are custom built.

We are a low volume, high quality shop.


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Event Planning & Execution
             Event Planning & Execution


Let us choreograph your next event: plan, budget, market, set-up, and execute.  Over twenty-five years of experience in behind our tried and proven methods to ensure your next art event, trade-show, or educational symposium is a success.


We have choreographed six and seven figure shows/events such as the 1st Annual Honolulu International Art Expo (Honolulu, HI), the 80th birthday bash for internationally renowned painter, Eyvind Earle (San Francisco, CA); the 25th Anniversary Event for world renowned master jade sculptor, Lyle Sopel (Vancouver, BC, Canada); a Mill Pond Press Dealer Convention with over 700 participants (Sarasota, FL); GalleryRow Exhibitions (Amsterdam, The Netherlands & Frankfurt, Germany), among others - including our own International Art Business Symposium (Huntington, CA) which attracted over 100 people from all over the continental US , the Hawaiian Islands, Canada, & England.

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