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Hannum has over three decades of experience as a Business Development Consultant.  She is a venture expert and assists entrepreneurs with launching and expanding their firms. She specializes in two creative arenas: 1) New Tech and 2) Fine Art Ventures. An expert in the business of Science & Art, she has authored six books and over 100 published articles that are aimed at practicing professionals seeking tried and proven strategies that guide them to peak performance.



A dear friend once described me as art entrepreneur, engineer extraordinaire, amazing author, superb scholar, world traveler, wonderful wife and marvelous mother of three. Compliments aside, I am very proud of the breadth and depth of my life. But most assuredly, it has been the experiences and knowledge that I gained when working with my clients all over the world that have inspired me to write my books and articles.  Your success is my success. It is to you that I say "Thank You" as you have been the wind beneath my wings.


Some quick facts for those newly introduced:  I earned my first three degrees from Michigan State University ~ BS. Mechanical Engineering, MS Mechanical Engineering and  MBA Production Control.  My PhD was awarded from Western Michigan University in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering.


I spent my early years growing up in Detroit. As valedictorian of my junior high school class, I earned the opportunity to study in the prestigious Cass Technical High School's Science & Arts Program.  I believe it was no accident that I became interested in such disparate disciplines. Each has shown to be an important part of who I am, what I love to do and what I am perhaps most capable of doing.


To be sure, my fifteen years in Hawaii shaped me entreprenueurially.  The many fine art galleries that I helped to develop there propelled me onto the world stage of fine art business development ~ Most notably, Lahaina Galleries and Images International. And my time spent engineering at Dow Chemical and IBM forever instilled in me the love of launching newly commercialized technologies.   As the Systems Operations Manager for IBM's General Products Division located in San Jose and Tucson, I learned the fundamentals of people and enterprise management that have served me well thorughout my professional life.                                   Zella Jackson Hannum PhD






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